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This blog is not written in the hope that anyone will find it interesting; it's a visual record of my life which I will be referring to it when I'm old and decrepit. I will not be swearing in my blogs in case my grandkids read it.

I am a graphic designer who lives in Pembrokeshire. I like living in Pembrokeshire because the landscape and culture allow me to do all the things I enjoy, surfing, biking, playing rugby, climbing and boozing with my mates.

I run a website design business in Pembrokeshire calledTP10 Website Design Pembrokeshire

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Bike restoration

15 April 2014
I finally finished the bike I was restoring (scroll down to see it before). I had to completely strip the frame down for it to be powder coated, then built it back up, cleaning and polishing every part. The hardest part was the bottom bracket and the nightmare 'cottered' crank. I'm pleased with the results and best of all its really good fun to ride. Click on image to view a larger version.

BIG seas

11 February 2014

The silver lining to all this disruptive weather has been really good surf. The big storms have brought with them huge waves. This larger than normal swell has meant that many beaches which dont often have surf have been firing! Here is a video we made, we cant give the location away, but you could work it out with a map!...


15 November 2013
I took a wander into the woods over the weekend. The obvious signs of Autumn are in the trees but the forest floor is also in transition with different fungi's starting to appear now that it is colder and wetter. Click on image to view a larger version.

Style over speed

11 November 2013
I love bikes. Any bikes. Since I started road biking a few years ago I've been fortunate enough to borrow or be able to afford good carbon framed bikes. Modern frames are minimalist and designed to be aerodynamic and light. When I spotted this bike on eBay I was struck by how cool it looked. It was made was for someone not in a hurry, but someone who wanted to cycle in comfort and in style. My plan to is to renovate it completely and use it for cycling into Narberth when I need bread and milk. I'll add more photos once the renovation is complete.

Italy 2013

14 October 2013
We had a great family holiday in Italy this summer. Its run by members of my family. See for more information. Click on image to view a larger version.

Tough Mudder 2013

14 October 2013
A few of us took on the Tough Mudder event near Abergavenny recently. It was a great event, well organised and was tough enough to keep everyone interested! Here is a picture of our team just after coming out of a skip full of ice. Click on image to view a larger version.

Marreg 2013

13 August 2013
We took on the 55 mile cross-country 'Marreg' trail again on the weekend. It's an epic 11 hour mountain bike ride over the Preseli Hills to Fishguard then down to Whitesands. The route goes over 9 of the most prominent 'peaks' in Pembrokeshire. Here is a video of the day (strong language!). Click on image to view a larger version.

Long Course Weekend

15 July 2013
A few of us did the 70 mile long course weekend route over the weekend. It was a great event and the weather was spectacular, a great advert for Pembrokeshire. Here is a pic of us after we'd finished. Click on image to view a larger version.

Tenby South Beach

26 June 2013
We spent the afternoon on Tenby South beach, it was the first time my boy Ollie had been on the sand. I lay back and took this photo. Click on image to view a larger version.

North Wales MTB trip

03 June 2013
We took a trip to mid\north Wales this weekend. On saturday we did the 'uplift' centre of Antur Stiniog where they drive you and your bikes up to the top of a hill and you ride down. The routes were VERY challenging! This photo sums up the end of the day feeling, that's me lying down half dead. The next day we did The Beast route in Coed Y Brenin, a somewhat mellower affair (but still plenty to keep you thinking!) along the 38km route. Click on image to view a larger version.
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